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Keeping it Local in Asheville: Tyler Evans with Bay Equity Home Loans

I wanted to create a blog series to spotlight some great Asheville folks and show why turning to local professionals is your best choice for certain products and services.

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3 Asheville Nonprofits You Should Know About

A caring community Asheville, North Carolina is known for many awesome things: our beautiful mountains, amazing breweries, and world class restaurants.  But there is another great thing about our town: Asheville’s nonprofit organizations.

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What’s the Enhanced Homeowner’s Insurance Policy in North Carolina?

North Carolina Enhanced Homeowner’s Insurance Policy (HE-7/HE-21) Did you know that North Carolina has a separate Enhanced Homeowner’s Insurance Policy? And that is very different from a Standard Homeowner’s Insurance Policy?

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Asheville Pet Insurance

How To Avoid A Vet Disaster With Pet Insurance

In October of 2012, Emily and I were returning from our incredible honeymoon up in the North Georgia Mountains.  All was right with the world.  We were eager to go pick up our dogs, Winston and Bailey, from the doggy daycare and unpack.  The last thing on our mind was wishing we had previously purchased […]

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Asheville North Carolina

The Must Read Guide to Everything Asheville, NC

I was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio.  I made my way to Asheville via a 5 year layover in Fort Myers, Florida, when I realized it was just a little too HOT for me. I met my beautiful wife, Emily, and we escaped back to the Carolina’s.  I didn’t realize it at the time, but […]

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Adulting Responsibly: Buying Wedding Insurance and Beyond

If you are married or have been married  you probably know the big questions that need to be answered before you can walk down the aisle.  Where do we want to get married, who do we want to invite, where do we want to honeymoon,  and of course, who do we call for our wedding […]

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First Time Home Buyers: Adulting Responsibly with Homeowners Insurance

Are you hunting for that first home or have you you found it?  Buying a house is one of the biggest steps into a world of adulting responsibly, and you want to get the homeowners insurance right. If you’re not already inundated with requests for financial statements, endless paperwork, inspections and appraisals, you will be… […]

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High Net Worth Insurance

What is High Net Worth Insurance? A Case Study

When I started out in Insurance, I knew there was Homeowners Insurance, Auto Insurance, Life Insurance and Health Insurance.  I certainly didn’t know about High Net Worth Insurance. My knowledge of who offered insurance was based on the commercials that loudly and proudly claimed that they had the lowest rates going. Funny commercials and loud […]

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Why You Should Increase The Liability on Your NC Auto Insurance

More and more these days, I find myself saying “Insurance is not a commodity”, as much as Flo, the Gecko, Jake, or Peyton Manning want you to believe it is.  We really have slipped into a world of putting the price before the product, which is fine if you are buying jeans, but not lawsuit […]

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Homeowners insurance cost

The Truth About Your Homeowners Insurance Cost

“How much will homeowners insurance cost?”   As an independent insurance agent, this is one of my favorite questions I get asked, and typically the client is expecting a straightforward answer involving a dollar figure on the spot.  The reason this is one of my favorites is that it opens the door for me to […]

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